5 Delhi Dank spots you need to know if your a Stoner

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December 11, 2017
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December 12, 2017


Without fail the first place to go to accesories yourslef with the coolest and raastafari products . To find Stuff is real easy and quick in  PaharGanj, opposite the New Delhi Railway Station .

You’ll see some hippie cafes and tourists here, so this is the place for stoners in the capital city of india.


2)Hauz Khas Village Fort

One of the favorite spots for tourists and youth to hang out.

3)Majnu ka Tila, North Campus

One of the places where you can score and smoke decent stuff without turning a lot of heads.

4)Subhash Nagar

The weed you get in Subhash Nagar is the best quality weed that you can get in Delhi.


This is the place in Delhi where amateur stoners begin there journey of 420 .



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