5 stoner friendly places around the world

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December 12, 2017
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December 12, 2017

1)Denver, Colorado

This is the epicenter of marijuana legalization, having passed its 2012 initiative slightly before Washington State. While the city and state still wrestle with the regulation of venues for adult recreational use, numerous events are finding ways to evade the remaining prohibition on public use.

2)Portland, Oregon

It’s every bit as quirky and Dionysian as you’ve heard. If you like a surfeit of choices in food, wine, beer, art, books, theaters, nature, sex and cannabis—and if you don’t mind that semi-annual omnipresent rain—the Rose City is the place for you. Big, beautiful, billboard-sized pictures of concentrates and buds that you’ll see while cruising around downtown.

3)Amsterdam, the Netherlands

This place really needs no introduction to High Times readers. Its landmark coffeeshop scene and the benefits that it brought to the city were prime arguments for marijuana-law reform in the United States throughout the 1970s and ’80s.

4)Negril, Jamaica

This  is everything you imagined Jamaica to be: images of Bob Marley and sounds of reggae music everywhere you go; warm afternoon rains followed by hot sun as you enjoy a hand-rolled joint while drinking rum punch on a white sand beach.

5)Nimbin, Australia

This is the home of MardiGrass, a huge festival that takes place on the first full weekend of May. The town’s New Age vibe and the openly tolerated sale and use of cannabis make Nimbin an oasis in New South Wales, an otherwise harsh state where possessing anything more than 15 grams can subject you to criminal penalties.

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