As the adage goes, "Longevity is not Legality," the Dankville team believe that the amendment of the constitution regarding the legalization of cannabis in India should be a central focus now. This nature’s gift has tons of benefits to the health and our economy system.

With this; we the Dankville community has setup a movement that will liberate the minds of the youth, energize the aged and weak in our nation. Dankville is here to educate and build a community of “High” minded people, who are passionate and enthusiastic in all they do.


We have built a trusted system that will supply all our citizen with affordable “420 Box.” A box that works magic, and a “must” recommend for everyone. Our reliable and trusted team will deliver the best apparel and smoke-related product to your doorstep; at your demand.

Vision statement

Our vision is to have a nation where the cultivation of cannabis is legalized in India communities without the fear of insecurity. The legalization of this "plant that works wonders" will improve the health of our citizens and also lead to growth in our economy at large.

Mission statement

The summary of our mission is stated as thus:


we are here to educate the citizens of India on the importance of cannabis in our community today; how they can treat and prevent most ailments with the use of our product. This may sound strange but true; do you know?

The use of cannabis can relieve you from addictions of Drugs and Alcoholism?

You can relief yourself from chronic pains and prevent series of health issues.

The use of cannabis can relieve you from addictions of Drugs and Alcoholism?