How not to be a buzz kill

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So you’re ready to go smoke up with your friends, you call them and they cancel. Later on, you find out they planned a session without you. If that’s the case, you’re a buzz kill. Don’t worry we’ve got you covered, just keep reading to know where you went wrong.


Here’s a handy list of things to avoid if you don’t want to be a buzzkill:

Knocking off the grinder:



The best way to keep the session going on is by making sure that you have ample amount of stock. Where everyone contributes to the weed either by pitching in money or bring their own stuff. But what if the grinder full of herb gets knocked off before it could be smoked? Then everyone must smoke dirty pot or worse if the weed gets spilled on a place where retrieving it becomes impossible. As a result, NO POT for the evening.

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Roll a bad joint

bad joint

There’s nothing worse than wasting weed on a bad joint that doesn’t get you high. So, if you have no idea about how to roll a perfect joint, let others from the group do it. Because a bad joint can spoil the sesh in several ways. If it is not rolled properly, the weed will not get burned evenly.  There are many prepared to take on the task and start the session. Not only it will save time & weed, but you’ll also get to learn.

Don’t be the storyteller

The most annoying part of the session is the time when one starts to tell a story and gets involved in it so much that they forget that, they have a blunt in their hands and others are waiting for their chance. Don’t waste that weed! more importantly, don’t spoil everyone’s high with a boring story.

Slobbering is a big NO

Don't slobber

Quite often, the smoking sesh gets spoiled because someone in the group is a slobber. Make sure you don’t put the joint anywhere near your tongue, for it will result in the wet roach and nobody wants your saliva. No one wants to keep a wet joint on their lips. Therefore, do not slobber and keep the joint dry.


Ash it upAsh the joint

The most bothersome part of the sesh is finding ash on your clothes. So, make sure you ash the joint/blunt before passing the weed. No one wants to have ash smeared clothes. Moreover, you could end up burning someone. So, just ash the damn thing next time, will ya?

Follow the rule of puff, puff, and pass

puff, puff, and pass

The first rule of smoking a weed is to follow the rule of puff, puff, and pass. Do not be too greedy. Generally, you take two puffs and pass unless someone gives their fair chance to you.

Pocketing lighters

Many of us have a habit of carrying our own lighters to every smoking session. But, quite often we are too baked or in habit of pocketing lighters intentionally or unintentionally. Just check your pockets before leaving.

There you go, now you know how not to be a buzz kill!

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