Stop smoking weed from Delhi and Mumbai now.

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February 27, 2018
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Stop smoking weed from Delhi and Mumbai


The team of Dankville recently set out to gauge the quality of weed in supply in India. The results, unfortunately, were not good. So before you smoke another joint read this to find out what you’re smoking on. Spoiler alert: It’s most probably laced weed.

Delhi and Mumbai out-smoke Amsterdam

Seedo is a new business enterprise in the cannabis industry. They focus on helping the consumers of cannabis to grow and cultivate their own supply, be it for recreational purposes or for medical use by avoiding extra taxes and evading chemicals. In order to proceed, they decided to not only research the cost of the weed across the web but to also calculate the potential tax a country could produce if marijuana gets legalized there or is already. They did a research on 120 cities across the globe where cannabis is legal, illegal and partially legal. The study revealed some incredible insights into the consumption per cannabis index.



According to the sources and per year consumption, Delhi falls at the third position and Mumbai is ranked at sixth among the top 10 cities. People of Delhi consume an enormous 38.26 metric tonnes and Mumbaikars consume about 32.38 metric tonnes of marijuana per year respectively. These are some baffling figures.

Despite the fact that weed is illegal in India, the data above is shockingly bewildering. But our concern is what brought Delhi on top three? Is Delhi really high on potent stuff? If not, what impact will it have on the health of people of Delhi?


Our little study

The Dankville traveled around Delhi to have a good look and get more insights on the quality of weed being supplied to people. In our quest to know the truth we came across many sources among which, we came across a dealer, who deals in the supply of weed. He gave us a brief idea about the adulteration business. The information he revealed, took us by shock. He told us that in order to save their cost production there are several things they have to do, to meet the rising demand of the weed.


your weed might be laced with rat poison

Your weed may be laced with RAT POISON

In conversation with him, we got to know that they found a new hack of intoxicating the pure flowers of weed, RAT POISON, AND BATTERY WASTE. Weed is mixed with the rat poison because it is cheap and increases the weight by 10%- 30% and hash by 20-200%. They also mix other poisonous and injurious chemicals like- afeem (opium), glue, glass, pesticides, water spiked with smack, and further variant products to beef up the weed and to hide the weakest slot of the weed. The environment and soil of Delhi become an obstacle for the cultivators to match up the quality of the weed grown in hilly regions. They have to grow it around dirty lakes, naalas, parks, underpasses, and slums to hide the production and adulteration from the eyes of officials.


Laced weed is usually browner

The browner your weed, the more likely it is to be laced.

We bought some sample from him and other dealers in contacts across Delhi, to see the difference. The results were dreadful and deathful. Weed in Delhi is too dangerous to consume and rely on. We asked the doctors about the impacts it can have on our body.

Health impacts of laced weed

We’ve come up with a list of the possible ailments and symptoms that one may get from smoking laced weed. They are:

  • Feelings of sedation
  • Lethargy
  • Hallucinations
  • Delusions
  • Nausea, vomiting, diarrhea
  • Difficult breathing
  • High and low blood pressure problems
  • Decreased appetite, insomnia
  • Jitteriness

Effects of laced weed


Last toke:

The report above and our revelation clearly show that Delhi is getting high on laced weed. It can lead us to our deathbeds; whereas weed is considered a cure-all medicine. Legalization of weed in India will help in the eradication of the illegal criminal dealing, production, and cultivation. The production and regulation of weed under government’s guidance will help people to get better, unadulterated weed. It will also help the government to generate a good amount of tax and revenues.

Stay tuned to know more, until then roll safely.


  1. Chinmay says:

    This is exactly the reason why weed should be legalised and regulated to control its quality.

  2. Pavan says:

    A very good info…but even in South India too….these fucking laced weed is taking the territory….fortunately we are getting a very good quality of weed from our beautiful South Indian forests…I hope that I can see a good updates like these in future day. All the best the_dank_ville.

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