Make this Christmas Dank with our 5 Must haves

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December 12, 2017
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December 12, 2017


Christmas is near, and you know what’s better than a snowy Christmas? A stoner Christmas! So, make sure you have our assortment of stoner must-haves. Here’s everything you need for a dank Christmas:

1)The 420 box

Our very own  Creation The 420 box is all you need if you are a pot smoker. Life can’t any easier than this. The box comes with the essentials including the doobie tray, doob tube, raw sheets, a lighter to give you an easy, luxurious, and at the same time a fun experience. Because we want you to be incredibly dank!

420 box


This is a versatile product with the air-tight, smell proof and grinding capabilities. A perfect accessory to Store your bud and the smell proof makes it handy AF. keep up your blaze games.

Get the medtainer here.


3)Toker Poker

When your poker, tamper, and lighter are in the same place, you know you have your life in one piece. This is an essential nobody wants to miss onto.

Get your toker poker here.

Toker Poker


And since the Dankville believes in cleaner and greener environment, bio twine is a must have. For stoners are always harmless and the best people!


5)The best bud

As much as we would love to, But in India, we cant SELL YET.

So till the day its legal why don’t you get you Bud Keep blazing, stay amazing, the dank way!

best bud

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