5 Things to watch when you are High

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August 12, 2017

We know that sometimes that dank and can overpower your thoughts. So we compiled of things to watch when you’re high so you don’t have to think.


Shooting Stars

First of all you have to watch the music video and who doesn’t like music especially when you’re high, a song by an Australian band Bag Raiders it released in 2009(November to be specific), enough detail now why it is in this list, because the music video has a very retro vibe to it, the vibrant colors the music inspired from the disco era. Some things are in the video like flying cars(based on 80s Lambos), Crappy 3D effects(on purpose btw), neon colors. To enjoy the “amazingness” of this song to the fullest you gotta be high. It got famous when people added this song to memes and it was called Shooting stars meme (DUH..). So if you’ll search the song the suggestions will take you somewhere happy(that’s the internet magic).

It’s a good song though.


Pineapple Express

You’ve probably watched this one, but if you haven’t…… WHY ?? A’ight no worries we are here. It’s a movie about smoking weed and making dumb decisions. Smoking weed, who doesn’t like that. There will be no spoilers so you can read this without worrying about the movie experience. It has James Franco as a drug dealer, smokes and sells weed then he gets the finest weed called “pineapple express” and then shit goes down the rest you have to watch. It’s on this list cos you’ll see James Franco and Seth Rogen smoking you’ll wonder “oh man wish I could smoke weed” and then you realize you are already smoking pot then you can have your crazy laughs.


This is already a time killing option even when you’re not high but if you watch these while “enjoying life” the laughs really enhance, then you’ll just listen and study the joke and then ask is that true ?? Nah it’s not real it’s just a joke man but it got you wondering. It doesn’t make any sense just watch those bits. You can watch Netflix comedy specials and really chill. Our suggestion Louie CK, oh man that guy is just not a comedian but a philosopher you’ll see when you will really see, see what I did there 🙂 and again.


Space Documentaries

These are boring, but not now while you’re rolling and passing. First of all the production value is huge in those things, the detail it will make you wonder the human existence and knowledge is never harmful you know. The galaxy looks beautiful by the way it’ll make you calm just looking at it. So just give it a try if you do not enjoy plug in your playlist and enjoy the visuals of our galaxy, we live in that for God’s sake.




If you’ll watch this first time you’re going to have a great time and if not so you could just appreciate the details put in this masterpiece of a movie. When released in 1999 it brought some new VFX techniques to the table and while under influence of something-something you could appreciate those things even more. Probably you’ll question reality after watching this while high. You “pill” I mean you will enjoy The Matrix.

So, that’s our recommendations for things to watch when you’re high. What’s your favorite thing to watch when you’re high, let us know in our comments below!


Have a great H I G H time.

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