5 Reasons cannabis beats alcohol any day .

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1) It Shifts Your Perspective

Marijuana use can relax your mind and body and allow you to see the things and the people around you in a whole new light. After use, you can experience the beauty of life, meditation or your yoga practice through an entirely different lens, while alcohol makes people violent and uncontrollably loud.

2) It Doesn’t Affect Prescription Drugs

While alcohol can interact with other drugs and increase or decrease the levels of the active prescribed medication in your system, marijuana does not do that. You can safely use marijuana without fear of impacting your prescription medication’s effectiveness. In fact, it also curbs brain damage caused by drinking.

3) It Reduces Nausea

Marijuana can ease nausea and upset tummies. It can provide relief from nausea and vomiting, getting your belly on the road to recovery and even stimulating your appetite. While alcohol directly damages your liver, causes an upset stomach, and gives you a bad hangover too.

4) It’s Used to Help Chemo Patients

Patients recovering from chemotherapy treatment for cancer can use weed to reduce pain and nausea and increase appetite. We really don’t know of any such uses of alcohol.

5)Alcohol Prevents Muscle Growth

Alcohol can prevent muscle growth in a variety of ways, from decreasing testosterone levels to interrupting sleep. Weed doesn’t directly affect muscle growth at all.

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