Challenges for budding functional stoners

August 30, 2018

Challenges for the budding functional stoners

 With successful functional stoners popping up in every line of business, the question of the hour is: what is stopping an average stoner from becoming a functional stoner?There are two major problem that cause a plethora of issues for the budding functional stoners – the illegality of weed and the stigma surrounding it.



How exactly does illegality affect us? It’s not like the laws are stopping anyone from smoking marijuana, they just serve as means for cops to hassle people for extra dough on the side. Apart from bunching up completely harmless stoners with hardened criminals, here are a bunch of issues created by the illegality of marijuana-


The threat of laced weed

Growers and dealers are making it into a gateway drug. They lace the stuff with harder and actually addictive drugs to lure in new customers, anyone who smokes the laced weed will get hooked on the additive. And in worse cases they lace it with potentially lethal additives like glass, rat poison, glue and what-not. There is almost no evidence that marijuana alone is physically addictive.

Strains don’t exist for us


big part of being a functional stoner is choosing the right strains, but as mentioned earlier because of the illegality there is little to no emphasis onquality, let alone the strains. The only way youcan be sure about the strains is by befriending a grower who actually knows what he is doing. Or you can grow your own weed.


No emphasis on research in the field of medicinal marijuana

Because of a substantial lack of research in the field of medicinal marijuana there are no strains that are specifically curated for your average Indian stoner, and so is the case for anyone with a condition that can be cured by marijuana.



The stigma surrounding weed is worse than the stupid laws that prohibit us from taking advantage of the dank gift mother nature has bestowed us with.


It makes every social interaction difficult for a stoner, from being in a relationship to interviewing for a job, stoners are always seen in a bad light. The situation is slowly improving as the younger generation is being exposed to more and more information and research about marijuana, but in the present state of affairs, depending on where you are (literally and socio-economically), you could be risking social exclusion if you’re not wise about the people you’re totally blunt with.

Although weed is legal even decriminalized in a few states, the whole stereotype of a stoner still has elements of criminality associated with it. Why? It’s illegal at the federal level and people are not susceptible to change.

People are judged for smoking cigarettes but not as much as they would be judged for consuming weed, which, considering how much more harmful cigarettes are, is by no means fair.

What are the problems that you’ve faced as a stoner in India? And how do you think we can get closer to a grassy future?

Prison is for rapists, thieves, and murderers. If you lock someone up for smoking a plant that makes them happy, then you’re the fucking criminal.

—Joe Rogan


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