Himachal Pradesh maybe be legalizing cannabis soon

August 30, 2018

After Uttarakhand and Uttar Pradesh, Himachal Pradesh maybe be legalizing cannabis soon. Chief Minister Jai Ram Thakur said the government would consider legalising the cultivation of cannabis but only after examining the legal position.


What does the local government have to say about it?

 “Considering the growing demand for legalising the cannabis cultivation, we are willing to consider it but a decision will be taken only after looking at the existing laws and its implications,” he said in an informal interaction with mediapersons.
Mr. Deven Khanna(a local advocate) addressed the local community by explaining the many benefits of using “bhang”. In this meet, Pradhans from Malana and Manikaran were present along with the Pradhan of manikaran hotel association and 20 villagers from the local community.

“You are a welfare state, you have to make policies for the well being of the people. And we need to make policies about this substance because, now, in 2018, we have data from other countries. The data shows how the amendments have helped improve different aspects of people's lives.One aspect is medicinal use, in some states of the USA and Canada clinics have been made for people suffering from medical conditions like cancer and epilepsy. The same plant is being grown there. We have one of the best variety of the plant growing here, we have good quality seeds here. In American states like Colorado and in Canada, they have clinics. Cancer patients, epilepsy patients and people suffering from neurological disorders come to these clinics for medical treatments.” he said.

The demand is gaining ground ever since Uttarakhand took a step in this direction. In fact, both BJP and Congress leaders have expressed support for doing so. Former BJP state president and former Kullu MLA Maheshwar Singh had written to the CM, seeking legal sanction for the cannabis cultivation. Expressing similar opinion, sitting Congress legislator from Kullu Sunder Thakur has said by doing so, the government can fight the drug mafia.

With most parts of Kullu, especially Sainj and Malana, gaining notoriety for producing the world-class hash called “Malana creme” the local politicians feel that legalising the illegal cultivation will help uplift rural economy.They feel that the cultivation can be undertaken with strict restrictions.


Last Toke:

The last few months have been extremely good for the cannabis community, both globally and locally. Uttar Pradesh legalized cannabis cultivation, Mexico has lifted its cannabis prohibition, UK has legalized medical cannabis. All in all, it feels like we are moving towards a greener, more lit future. And with the news of Himachal Pradesh debating legalization, it feels like we’ll have legal smokable flowers sooner than we thought.

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