How to be a discreet stoner

August 30, 2018

Not everyone is lucky enough to be living in a legal state or country. Although talks of legalization are happening in almost every country, a lot of stoners have to be discreet with their smoking habits. And If you live in your parents’ house or a college dorm, this could be especially so. Almost everyone goes through it at some stage, and it doesn’t last forever. We have some advice on how to hide the fact that you smoke weed.


Wet towel method

 It is a really simple way of stopping the smoke from escaping your room. . However, this doesn’t solve the problem of the smell inside the room.

Dampen a towel and roll it up. Lay it across the gap at the bottom of the door, make sure it goes all the way.  Furthermore, open the window and smoke out the window. That will ensure that most of the smoke exits your room.


Start vaping

 Vapes make almost no smell, and water vapour disappears quickly in a room. Smoke, on the contrary, is smelly and thick, and sticks around for a long time. Using a vape is ideal for anyone who wants to toke up on the go. So, if you’re not too attached to smoking a joint or blunt switch to vaping.


Make your own sploof

 You can easily make one with a toilet paper roll, an elastic band, a piece of cloth and some cotton wool. If you don’t have cotton wool, you can use another piece of cloth.Cover one end of the roll with the piece of material and secure it with the elastic band. Stuff the inside of the roll full of cotton wool. When you exhale, exhale into your sploof, and nobody will be any wiser! Sploofs are extremely effective at catching the smoke as well as the smell and are perfect for dorm rooms and bedrooms.


Light odour eliminating candles

Candles smell just right, and they have been found to be effective in eliminating the smell of cannabis. If you make a habit of lighting candles even when you don’t smoke, people will be less suspicious. Light a smoke odor exterminating candle before you start your smoke session. The longer the candle is active, the quicker it can get to eliminating unwanted smells.

After smoking, leave the candle lit for about 30 minutes to ensure the smell of cannabis is completely gone. The less smoke in the air, the easier it will be for the candle to eliminate all odors. You can exhale all smoke or vapor into a sploof to decrease the smell.



Use a bong

 A bong is far less smelly than smoking a joint or blunt, using a bong makes the smell less intense than paper. Save your rolling paper and blunt wraps for the day out with your friends. Smoke a bong instead, and decrease the risk of getting caught.


 There is no way to consume cannabis more discreetly than with edibles. To an unsuspecting stranger, you look like you’re eating a brownie. These days, there is an edible to mimic most favourite foods. If you don’t have access to a dispensary, you can make your own edibles with homemade cannabutter. With cannabutter, you can infuse baked goods or your everyday meals to get medicated without ever having to smoke.

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