How to have a productive high

September 4, 2018

Being lazy and not getting work done is a big part of the stoner stereotype. And, that's so for a good reason, getting too stoned and falling prey to your lethargic tendencies is easy. However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t have a productive high. Here are some tips that will help you have a productive high.

Amount and method of consumption

The first thing you need to figure out is: what amount and method of consumption works best for you. Joints and blunts usually get you too stoned, so they’re out of the question unless you have a monster tolerance. One hitters, vapes and mini-bong rips are much quicker and effective for getting a productive high.

With time you’ll realize that you can be stoned af for some tasks while you need a subtle high for others. The next big thing is to sort out your optimal levels of high for each task. For example, you can’t be stoned to the bone for workouts, you need to limit yourself to a couple of puffs. On the other hand you can be stoned for chores like laundry and dusting.


Buy in bulk and plan ahead

If you plan on using cannabis to make you a more productive student/professional, you have to make sure you don’t to deal with the anxiety of running out. The best way to avoid running out is buying in bulk and planning your use. You should plan out things in such a way that you have nothing less than a week's worth of extra weed. You know, just in case your plug goes out of town.


Strains matter

Indicas get you stuck to the couch, Sativas will kick you off it. It’s really simple; avoid Indica dominant strains if you want to ward off the lethargic tendencies. Indicas are much better for late evenings, inducing sleep and chilling with friends.


Set aside time to have fun with weed

Productivity aside, the cannabis experience is a fun experience. Most of us started smoking weed regularly because the way it made us feel and the crazy amount of fun we had doing mundane sh*t.  Consequently, if we deprive ourselves of some herb time for relaxation, our productivity on and off weed will take a hit.



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