High on laced weed

May 13, 2021
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Getting high on rat poison than weed?

If you think you’ve been smoking the perfect pot your whole life, take a break and sit back while you read this article. If you live in a metropolitan city then you know the struggle of getting pure weed (what an irony). Dankville did a survey and bought weed from seven different places in Delhi. The samples were tested by the esteemed doctors of the All India Medical Institute. The results were spooky, through the survey we found out that the peddlers of weed, hash, ganja, maal whatever you call it, has now found a new hack of intoxicating your pure leaves of weed, RAT POISON. They also mix other poisonous and injurious chemicals and further variant products to beef up the weed and to hide the weakest slot of the weed.

Monetary profits is not the sole reason of this adulteration of the weed, but, because, of growing weed in difficult and unfavorable conditions like the peddlers living on the outskirts of Ghaziabad do this to match up to the quality of the weed, you get on the mountains, pure and much more greener.

The stuff you smoke in Delhi is half the purest form of the weed, if bought from a non-reliable sources and unknown peddlers. A palm size packet of weed is available for 100 rupee; it is cheaper than the actual price, because of the adulteration and mixing. So before you smoke, check your stuff. It can be laced with glue and ink, to give it some lustrous volume, glass and sugar to give it that shiny look, spraying or dying the buds in the artificial colors to make the weed look more greener and original. They also add drugs with your ganja in order to provide you with a “perfect hit”, like: rat poison and cocaine water. This might seem good and stimulating but it is not and might end up taking you to a hospital or worse, death bed.

There are numerous consequences of smoking bad quality of stuff and they are:

  • Irritation

  • Dizziness

  • Nausea

  • Vomiting

  • Low heart rate

  • High heart rate

  • Sleep deprivation

  • Decreased appetite

  • Delirium

  • Trouble breathing

  • Heart attack

  • Death



The relationship of a stoner with its stuff is as important for him as his other relationships in this materialistic world. The bad trip for a stoner and his darkest worry is, not getting a perfect hit. You might have often seen your stoner friends saying that the stuff is light and haven’t got that perfect hit and goes on bad trip. Here are some handy tricks for all the stoners out there to check your stuff’s quality:


  • Check for the glass- to know whether your weed is laced with glass, take the minority of the buds in your hands and rub it on the CD, if it contains glass there will be scratches on the CD.

  • Artificial colors- weed is often dyed in artificial colors to give it an original color. If the weed is sprayed then the color is usually on the outer layer only, so, to differentiate, give a little slit of crack in the bud to see the color distribution.

  • Testing for detergent- take a minimal amount of weed and dip it in a bowl of water. If there are foam studs formation takes place then your weed is mixed with detergent and other soapy substances.

  • Toxic fuel chemicals- to check if your stuff is adulterated by injurious flammable toxic chemicals, then, put some amount of stuff in front of a flame. If it burns or ignites a little spark, too, then throw the weed immediately out and do not smoke it.


Suspicion is the key. If your peddler doesn’t allow you to check the stuff before-hand, then do not believe him. Roll your stuff and not your eyes while buying. Happy high!

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