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May 13, 2021
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You can smoke weed and be successful. Weed is tied to a higher level of focus and concentration. Weed is not the key to success, but for all those who call this holy herb a drug, let’s us discuss some very successful actors who have broken the stereotypes about marijuana.

10) Morgan Freeman

He once told a reporter that his first wife got him into weed, and since then he loves it. Earlier this year he told the Daily Beast, “I’ll eat it, drink it or snort it!” he literally meant he can live it.

9) Brad Pitt

Not only does Brad Pitt Smoke weed, Quentin Tarintino used weed to help coax the actor into appearing in Inglorious Basterds. He recently admitted that he had to cut on his smoking since his house is full of children now.

8) Susan Sarandon

This lady first tried weed in the late sixties, which was toward the end of her college career.  Other than a brief hiatus when her kids were young, weed’s been a lifelong companion of Sarandon’s. there are fair chances that when she’s not campaigning for Bernie Sanders, or making guest appearances on Rick and Morty,  Sarandon is relaxing with some weed.

7) Patrick Stewart

We always picture him with his stern demeanor as Captain Picard, but little did we know that even this disciplined seeming actor likes to let loose on weed almost every day. A doctor prescribed him a cannabis spray for his arthritis, and ever since then cannabis has become a part of Stewart’s daily routine.

6) Sarah Silverman

Silverman is one carefree actress who smokes weed a lot and doesn’t care who all know it about her. It is part of her personality. She’s been pretty open about it that she even whipped out her vape on the red carpet and talked about smoking marijuana with a lot other comedians.

5) Charlize Theron

Charlize Theron told Howard Stern in June that she doesn’t smoke that much weed anymore, since she’s now content with being a mom and going to bed early,  but for a big chunk of her career, Theron describes herself as a “wake-and-baker.” She has told fans recently how good their weed smells, and awhile ago, a paparazzi snapped a photo of the South African actress taking a rip out of an apple pipe.

4) Woody Harelson

Harrelson said earlier this year that he’s taking a break from weed, but he’s been a lifelong advocate, even going as far as serving as on the advisory board of the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws. His activism has even landed him in trouble with the law. In 1996 Harrelson was arrested in Kentucky for planting hemp seeds. He’s also used weed to get through a stressful dinner with a certain former reality TV star. Even though he doesn’t smoke it right now, he is still a strong supporter of cannabis.

3) Jane Fonda

Jane Fonda is one of the most famous actresses to come out of Hollywood. Since she has a great career in film and activism, so her love for weed has been eclipsed by the brightness of her stardom. Like many of the Vietnam activists in the 60’s and 70’s, Fonda smoked weed, in part to rail against the establishment. Recently, she told Dujour magazine that she still smokes weed “every now and then”

2) Harrison Ford

Harrison Ford hasn’t talked about his weed habits in public that much, but there are enough stories from reliable sources to assume Ford is a full-blown enthusiast. Carrie Fisher said in her memoir that Ford shared weed with her onset of Star Wars, and Han solo’s weed was so good she says she forgot most of 1976. Gregg Proops has said that he and Ford were taking a car together to a shoot, and Ford’s enthusiasm for weed reared its head in a strange way. Ford ran out of papers, so he put his weed in a saucepan, warmed it up, and took hits out of the smoking pan in the car. It’s hard to believe Han Solo didn’t have enough money to pack up a pack of zig-zags.

1) George Clooney

George Clooney might be one of the most famous stars in the world and one of the most private. Like Harrison Ford, Clooney is notoriously tight-lipped about smoking weed, and his private life generally. But, when Ocean’s 13 shot in Amsterdam, one of the cannabis coffee shop owners said Clooney was a regular customer. Plus, Clooney’s good friend (and fellow list member) Brad Pitt, has outed him too.

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