Weed causes you to dream less

May 13, 2021
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Weed causes you to dream less

You might have often heard and read that smoking marijuana causes drowsiness (especially heavy Indica strains) and you feel light headed. So, what makes marijuana to cause deep sleep? Before we dive into the scientific reasons behind this deep sleep and dream less phenomenon, we have to know and understand the sleep cycle of our body and brain waves.

There is an instrument called electroencephalogram, which helps the neuroscientists to study sleep. It works by measuring the total (average) electricity activity throughout our entire brain. After many researches the neuroscientists got success in assigning amplitude and certain frequencies to specific stages. There are five stages in sleep cycle, ranging from 1-4 and the rapid eye movement (REM).

The stages:

Stages 1-3 are associated with beta, alpha, and theta waves respectively; these three stages involve the transitions from wide awake to falling asleep. The most invigorating stage is the stage 4 and the last stage that is REM, where in stage 4 the person falls in deep sleep and during the REM stage the person starts dreaming. Stage 4 is considered as the most important chunk of the single sleep cycle. Now that we are introduced to the sleep cycle, let’s know the reason of why does weed causes us to dream less?

The final strike of the question

The research study looked at the upshot of orally administered THC and a synthetic ortholog before sleep and measured the brainwaves with electroencephalogram to observe the relation between weed and dreams. The result that came out was interesting. The dependent dose of higher THC did minor change to the stage 1-3, while the effect of THC increased the stage 4 (deep sleep) and reduced the stage of rapid eye movement, which is responsible for our dreams. Therefore after smoking marijuana deep sleep stage increases leading to reducing the dream stage and thus due to same reason, weed causes us to dream less.

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