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June 2, 2021

Ironically the leaf that is still termed as an illicit “drug” has the capability to wean addicts off heroine and other opiates, which are heavy drugs. There is an increase in the number of deaths caused by the over dose of these drugs and lack of treatments. According to the 2016 data from the centers for disease control and prevention shows that 64,000 people died due to overdose of drugs. Last year, president Trump gauged the opioids epidemic as health crisis. But this did not help the plague to spread and solutions were far from the eye.

The focus shifted on providing the addicts with more treatment options, but, these programs preached abstinence and forced addicts to refrain from all kind of intoxicants including Marijuana. The success rates of these rehabs are around 30% only, for heroine and other opioids are not that easy to kick out. The question lies does marijuana has the knack to wean drug addicts off heroine and other heavy drugs?

There is evidence that marijuana based rehabs might be successful at taming the drug addict daze. While other rehabilitation centers force addicts to stay clean off all the intoxicant substances, these marijuana rehabs have looser policies and ways to treat them. The philosophy behind these rehabs is to provide the addicts with safer option against hard drugs. The capability of marijuana to cure and reduce pain is proven and known to all. Marijuana rehabs are rare but are engaging big chunk of the population’s attention for its credibility. Facts prove that opioids use is down in states where marijuana is legal. No doubt people are willing to buy pot for pills. In 2015 Dr. Gary Whitman who runs a rehab named Canna Care Clinic in Massachusetts, says that 75% of his patients have stopped taking hard drugs with the help of marijuana.

Marijuana is legal across half of the nation but federal government is not in a mood to buy the hype that marijuana rehabs and the leaf can help against drug overdose. They think that the news about marijuana as source to treat drug addicts is nothing but a spam. Despite being mentioned by several websites that ”cannabis can aid in the detox process, helping with discomfort, insomnia and flu-like symptoms associated with withdrawal process, reducing or eliminating the use of other drugs ”.

Notwithstanding with the national polls that shows that 80% of the people want marijuana to be legal and should be out into more research. The federal lawmakers fear and are still concerned about their association with cannabis might affect their political careers.  They have stated that marijuana is a non-debate interest and is liable for public health and safety.

It is not possible for the drug addicts to flew to the countries where marijuana and cannabis rehabs are available and legal. So the least we can do to save many of them from early grave and painful death, is to give marijuana and marijuana based rehabs a chance to save lives and resist any more blood spreading on the country’s floor.


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