Pot smoking in parvati valley

June 2, 2021

Parvati valley is indoubtedly the hotbed of himachal Pradesh, for weed smokers and backpackers. The valley has well deserved reputation for it's wild and cultivated crops of charas. But this rave capital of india is ripe with myths and folklore of god's visiting and staying back. It is called Parvati valley because it is believed that Shiva, the destroyer, meditated in themystical parvati valley for about 3.000 years. He sat there in the form of a naked ash smeared sanyasi. One day day he looked out at this untouched, perfectly sculpted landscape and named it after his consort, Parvati.


1) Kasol

This is by far the most popular destination in the entire Parvati Valley. It is a small town located around 30 kms from Bhuntar. Kasol is a pleasant village surrounded by forests and a pleasant hum of the river. Kasol is affectionately called `Little Israel' because almost all restaurants and cafes in Kasol specialise in Israeli food and dishes such as shakshuka, falafal, hummus etc.


2) Malana

one of the oldest democracies in the world is an ancient village in the kullu valley. In this village of taboos, outsiders are not allowed to touch anything or anyone. With a mesmerizing view, this place is must visit for pot lovers who are backpacking for parvati valley for also the malana cream here.


3) Tosh

It is one of the most popular destinations in Parvati Valley and has an out of the world feel. Tosh is located at the far end of Parvati Valley near the last road head of Barshaini. the feel is energetic and the air is clean under the gaze of mighty Himalayan peaks. There are many hippie caf‚s serving food from around the world in Tosh with the interiors decorated with psychedelic graffiti and paintings. Tosh is also famous for trance festivals that are conducted in high season of June-July.


4) Chalal

Chalal village is a 20 minute walk from Kasol and a much quieter place to enjoy the serenity of Parvati Valley. It is a quaint and beautiful village, with many guesthouses and basic homestays, surrounded by tall pine trees, on the banks of the roaring Parvati river. On your way to Chalal from Kasol, there are some camps that are set up for nature lovers to stay in the jungle.


5) Kheerganga

One of the most famous treks amongst stoners and otherwise, can be reached by a trek from the last road head of Barshaini. The trek passes through a dense forest and beautiful valleys with the raging Parvati river flowing by. The trail passes through incredibly beautiful waterfalls amid lush greenery and towering trees. There is a famous local legend about Kheerganga that Shiva meditated here for 10000 years and a Shiva Temple is just above the hot water springs. This place is a major attraction for weed lovers.

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