Wake and bake

June 2, 2021

Wake and bake is a really common term in the cannabis communities, so, if you’ve been smoking up for a while, chances are you have already heard about it. For some, wake and bake means smoking up within minutes of waking up, while some prefer to freshen up and take a shower before toking up. A kick of THC is a hell of a way to start off your mornings, itmakes mornings a lot easier to tolerate, and the high you get is unparalleled.


Why does a wake and bake feel so orgasmic?


A lot of people believe that the increased intensity of the high is an illusion. After waking up it takes a while for your brain to start working at its full capacity,combine this drowsiness with an unexpected kick of THC and the brain gives you a false perception of an increased high.

However, there’s a lot more logical and scientifically adept reason for it. When you first wake up, your body has undergone a period of time where it received no food, liquidor external substance of any sort, so it's a little depleted. Therefore, when you smoke, the amount of THC doesn't increase or anything, it just has less to compete with to be processed by your body.


Tips for a successful wake and bake

Always remember, a wake and bake can make your day or ruin your day, it’s just how you go about the wake and bake. Here are a few tips to make sure you don’t end up supporting the stereotype that stoners are lazy.


Don’t overdo it.

There is no need to use your most expensive, high-potency strain, or do large rips, that is if you have someplace to be or have something to do. If it’s a holiday and you have nothing to do, feel free to get high as a kite and just unwind. However, if you want to be productive, it’s important that you don’t get too baked. Vaporizers and one-hitter are your best bet for a keeping your high in check.


Keep a cold beverage handy.

When you first wake up in the morning, you almost always have that dry feeling in the back of your throat and in your mouth, and of course smoking cannabis will only worsen this. So, keeping a cold beverage like juice, soda, or just some cold water to sip on during your session will help ensure that you don’t get cottonmouth.


Treat yourself to a healthy breakfast.

You don’t want to get an extreme case of munchies during a lecture or an important meeting, so before you step outside of your home make sure you’ve had something to eat.


Get stoned and then get ready.

If you toking up is the last thing you do before leaving your abode, you’ll probably have a dank stench following you around, it’s best to get high and then freshen up and get dressed. Always keep some eyedrops, they’re cheap and will help you get away with being high all the time (if that’s what you want).


Find a strain that works for you.

Although the general consensus is that Sativa strains like Blue Dream or Sour Diesel are the best for a wake and bake, I personally prefer Mango Kush, an Indica hybrid. To find the strain that works the best for you, start with the most energetic (Sativa dominant) strains and work your way down to the mellower ones. Do this until you find thestrain that gives you the perfect balance of energy and relaxation.


Last toke

Like everything else, wake and bake is a skill that one perfects with practise, almost everybody gets too stoned for their first time. If you’re new to this, you’re better off trying it on a weekend before you think about including a smoke session in your morning routine.If you can stomach ablast of THC early in the morning, both physically and mentally, you’ve arrived as a stoner, and there will be no more doubt of your bona fides.


“I wake up early in the morning and it feels so good. Smoking on some shit that you wish you could.”

~Snoop Dogg

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