Why is it safe legalize pot

June 2, 2021

1)Legalization won’t lead to increased use.

The ones who smoke weed would smoke it anyway. That only means that legalizing it won’t increase its use, it would rather put a full stop to other illegal practices that happen in context of marijuana selling. It’s an individual’s lifestyle choice. Not everyone is a pot smoker, and neither anyone who smokes pot would give it up whether it’s legal or illegal.

2)Cannabis has legit medical effects.

The society is not unaware of the medical benefits of marijuana. In fact, a lot of countries have already legalized it for medical purposes since they have realized its health benefits. We don’t know of any legit benefits of tobacco and alcohol but weed treats many medical conditions like cancer, obesity, nausea, etc.

3)Legalized Marijuana Protects Kids Better Than Prohibition

It’s not a task for the pot smokers to obtain weed. If they want it, they’ll get it anyhow. Rather it’s easier for them to get it. This is because the weed dealers don’t check ID and don’t use a license if they’re caught selling to a kid. And with those drugs, somewhere along the line a corrupt adult had to be involved. Now, kids sell weed to other kids. Legalization moves weed sales into secure, adults-only stores and reduces the profit potential for illegal sales.

4)Legalized Marijuana is Safer than Alcohol and Tobacco

There are over a half-million deaths annually from those two substances and they are surprisingly legal. They also lead to countless illnesses and injuries that affect society in health-care costs, lost productivity, and law-enforcement expenses.

Marijuana is non-toxic and has never caused a fatal overdose in over 7,000 years of recorded human use. Its greatest harm is the arrest, incarceration, and lifelong hurdles created by prohibition.

5)It will help the locals

In states like Himachal Pradesh and Tamil Nadu, where cannabis plants grow, marijuana is the only source of income for many locals. However, being a banned substance, the farmers are forced to sell it at a very cheap price to the drug dealers and they face additional pressure from the police as well, who are paid to destroy the cannabis plantations. Legalizing marijuana will end this 'war on drugs' targeting our own countrymen.

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