5 ways to get your stoner game strong

June 9, 2021
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Runner's high

Have you ever heard of runner’s high? When we run, our bodies produce endocannabinoids, a naturally occurring form of THC, which, when combined with endorphins, produces a sense of euphoria in runners. Well, for veteran smokers, this won’t be the only form of THC released into the bloodstream during exercise. Trainer Joe Holder, drawing on a 2013 study, notes that exercise tends to enhance THC levels in the blood of frequent users. After it’s ingested, the THC from marijuana gets stored in fat, and exercise burns fat. As it burns, THC is released back into the bloodstream, resulting in an actual high.

Long distance runners have known about pot’s beneficial effects for years. A little cannabis before a cardio session will help you stay in the zone and not fixate on the painful experience that is running, which results in performance gains. “Some people have a hard time focusing on their workout… smoking can help in that regard. It’s not like taking pre-workout is any better for your health,” says New York-based trainer Alex Baril. However, if you’re interested in testing this one out, it’s probably wiser to have an edible or vape instead of lighting up.

Educate yourself to be able to talk politically about Cannabis


So often, people do not take stoners seriously because we do not know how to articulate ourselves. Fix this, change it by making sure you know how to talk about cannabis and yourself.

Where this a pretty picture, it’s kind of bullshit. Alcohol is legal in all 50 states and alcohol is not a medicine like cannabis is. And cannabis still is not legal. Until every state, including the federal government, legalizes weed, we need to talk on its behalf. Because even though, for us, we might be casual users, everyone deserves access to it and we should help provide this access by representing the drug. Learn a little about cannabis. You do not need to do everything; you don’t need to lobby for the plant. But you can do work in making sure the people around you know a little bit more about it. The world deserves it, your friends deserve it. Focus on it for the people around you.


Comprehensive decision making

Only when you can comprehend, will you compliment! It’s very common that people lose their calm in the tough times. They tend to rush with the decision making. Short term goals may not be beneficial to achieve a long term vision. In fact, everyone may not even have a perfect and clear vision. Stoners, by introducing weed in their lives also introduce piece of calm and concentration. The stoners think and comprehend better after smoking weed which is something people on chemicals or alcohol fail to achieve to the extent of a stoner.


Give yourself the time you deserve!

Introspection is one major thing many people lack in the lifestyle today. How do you discover your true personality if you don’t look within? Everyone is trying to copy one another. Are we really just the knock-offs of those celebrities and film stars or are we real? Sit, smoke up, and relax. Think and develop now so that later you don’t sit with that doob to console yourself. Keep that bud to recreate.


Help yourself with some CBD

That uncomfortable feeling that can happen when one has consumed too much THC is nothing to be embarrassed about. It’s very normal and can happen even to your favorite stoner celebrities. So what do you do when you’ve gotten to that point or are closely approaching? Just smoke more. Smoke more cannabis but just make sure it’s CBD. Smoking or consuming CBD will calm and reduce the psychoactive effects that THC can have on the brain since CBD is a non psychoactive cannabinoid. Isn’t it amazing that cannabis is the only drug that when you take too much of it, you just more of it to let it balance itself out. CBD is an anti-inflammatory cannabinoid, many people also use it in conjunction with THC for relieving pain. Many also use this to help with depression, and it has been said to have mood elevating properties.


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