DARK WEB a silk route for crime

June 14, 2021

Many of us have heard about the silk route reference and some of us have even read this in our history books. A silk route is basically the route that was used for trading goods during the Han Dynasty among the countries like India, china and Europe or among American- African countries. So to make it clear in a layman’s words, silk route is a path for trading.

Whereas now the term on the web has taken total turn, the silk route is now used online for trading of illegal item like: selling and purchasing of drugs, weapons, credit cards, sex workers, and acidic item. This is called the onion silk route or the shadow world

What is a shadow world?

The World Wide Web has the huge mass of data, part of which is indexed for they may be found by users on the search engines (like Goggle, binge etc). The parts which are not indexed is therefore available for the public access. This called the dark web or the deep web. Bitcoin a crypto currency is used to buy products online. The bitcoin was made by some unknown person under the name of Santoshi  Nakamoto. The “onion protocol” on the dark web secures the encryption more than the Hyper Text Transfer Protocol (HTTP). The dark web, peel off the layers of encryption and secures the anonymity of the user. Therefore the route is used for illegal transaction.

Sales and transactions

The sale of products like hash, cocaine, lSD, MDMA and other illegal drugs, military armed weapons, child pornography, credit card numbers, fake passports, fake degrees, bitcoin lottery tickets, sex workers and much more are easily available on the dark web and curate doorstep delivery, too. Based on the data from 2012 there was an estimated annual transaction of $15 million in three months and the amount increased later. Buyers and sellers are making transaction with bitcoins, which provides certain anonymity. According to the data drugs are the most sold and purchased elicit good on the dark web.

India on dark web

Though weed and other drugs are illegal items and are banned in India but they still acquire a handsome amount of space in the market. Marijuana, weed, and cocaine can be easily bought from the local dealers, cigarette shops, paanwalas and other roadside residents, who hide their stash to keep it away from government’s eye. Nowadays because the weed that is being sold have more chances of being spiked and poor quantity, people are striving towards the dark web to purchase good quality of stuff from the countries like USA and Canada. The trend of buying bitcoins and making transactions through them has escalated in few years. Dark web has also given roof to the hacker gangs and forgers. It is quite difficult to trace the real identity of the people making the transactions, because,  no one knows who they are dealing with until some kind of physical negotiation is made at either of the end.

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