Fake Rolling Papers

August 27, 2021

It has recently come to our attention that a fair amount of the rolling papers being sold in India are toxic knock-offs. A huge chuck of the Raw, Elements, and OCB rolling papers in circulation in India are fake. The genuine Raw and OCB articles are made from unbleached cellulose fibers taken from managed hemp plantations in Spain and France. Elements papers are made from rice and sugar. Importantly, all of these products are not produced by using toxic chemicals and burn agents.


Where are fake rolling papers coming from?

A lot of these fake rolling papers are manufactured in China (no surprise here). Additionally, some are produced in India and re-packaged as Raw and Elements in Paharganj.

Since the paper is not made for human consumption but to maximise profits, it could contain anything. Consequently, using these fake rolling papers could be very bad for your health. They are most likely made of shoe tissue paper, with a glue made from rendered down animals.


Spotting the fake rolling paper

It is fairly easy to spot the fake rolling papers when compared to the genuine ones. The paper feels crinkly, the printing looks off and the colours are not quite right. They also impart a weird bitter after taste on top of the weed.Moreover, there are also several spelling mistakes or missing spaces between words that you can look for. And lastly, they don’t have the watermarks or proprietary crisscross imprint of their respective brands.


Last Toke

 To be on the safer side, opt to buy your papers from an authorized seller or a reputed online store. In addition, we urge you to avoid local brands, because frankly speaking, we have no idea what they use to produce the papers. In the long run, saving a couple of bucks can do you a lot of harm. Choose wisely, stay lifted!

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