• July 3, 2022
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5 Crucial Tips for a First Time Weed Smoker

5 Crucial Tips for a First Time Weed Smoker

Regardless of what comes and goes, the act of rolling a joint and lighting up will come across you at some point of time. That’s for sure. What makes the experience of smoking a joint so unmissable? Of course, it’s the cannabis – which has helped people to rise above, since ages.

But the first timers need to keep few things in mind while hitting that first toke of bliss.

Well, in truth, no two people have the same experience, and that is the beauty of it. Still, we try to put out few lesser known facts about first time experience which might help you take that flight, easy. Cannabis has varying effects on different people, and for some first-time smokers, it has no effect at all. That is very normal and quite common. Others will feel dizzy, while others will become extremely stoned and start tripping. You might feel hungry, or you might fall asleep. It all depends on the strain, how much you take, and how you feel.

Now that you know what being high feels like, here a list of things to avoid:

  • Go easy on yourself, don’t consume too much too soon.
  • Don’t be peer pressured, if you don’t want to you don’t have to.
  • Don’t get high if you have someplace to be or something to do, not only will this prevent you from looking silly in front of your friends and family but this will also help prevent awkward situations with people you don’t want to know that you’re smoking weed.
  • For your first time, don’t get high alone. Get high with someone who has already smoked weed, this way you’ll have someone to guide you through the high and they can also ensure that you don’t waste any weed.

Be mindful of where you smoke, make sure that it isn’t someplace where you can get caught by someone you don’t want to know that you are smoking weed, because that can result in paranoia and anxiety.

The effects of cannabis are nothing like alcohol or other intoxicants that you might have tried before. Cannabis is so popular mainly because of the euphoria associated with its high. But to smoothen your experience you will have to be particular about the marijuana you are buying. It’s of paramount importance to source only unlaced weed to avoid the unfavourable experiences known as “BT’ in the circles.

 And, yay! Once legalized you can also grow your own bud, if you want ensure that you get the best quality buds with no pesticides or chemicals this is the best way.