Shashi tharoor wants india to legalize ganja

Shashi Tharoor wants India to legalize Ganja While the government has strict norms against the production and sale of cannabis, one politician recently expressed the need for legalizing it. Shashi Tharoor (Congress MP for Thiruvananthapuram) is the latest person to publicly speak up for cannabis legalisation in India. Along with his nephew, Tharoor wrote a… Continue reading Shashi tharoor wants india to legalize ganja

5 ways to get your stoner game strong

Runner’s high Have you ever heard of runner’s high? When we run, our bodies produce endocannabinoids, a naturally occurring form of THC, which, when combined with endorphins, produces a sense of euphoria in runners. Well, for veteran smokers, this won’t be the only form of THC released into the bloodstream during exercise. Trainer Joe Holder,… Continue reading 5 ways to get your stoner game strong

High on laced weed

Getting high on rat poison than weed? If you think you’ve been smoking the perfect pot your whole life, take a break and sit back while you read this article. If you live in a metropolitan city then you know the struggle of getting pure weed (what an irony). Dankville did a survey and bought… Continue reading High on laced weed

stoner actors hollywood

You can smoke weed and be successful. Weed is tied to a higher level of focus and concentration. Weed is not the key to success, but for all those who call this holy herb a drug, let’s us discuss some very successful actors who have broken the stereotypes about marijuana. 10) Morgan Freeman He once… Continue reading stoner actors hollywood

Weed causes you to dream less

Weed causes you to dream less You might have often heard and read that smoking marijuana causes drowsiness (especially heavy Indica strains) and you feel light headed. So, what makes marijuana to cause deep sleep? Before we dive into the scientific reasons behind this deep sleep and dream less phenomenon, we have to know and… Continue reading Weed causes you to dream less

5 strains that won’t make you feel paranoid

Researches prove that people who smoke cannabis and suffer from depression, and anxiety are more prone to paranoia particularly after smoking cannabis with higher THC. THC interacts with amygdale, a part of the brain that deals with regulating fear and anxiety in human beings. Therefore, it is suggested that people who aren’t immune to paranoia,… Continue reading 5 strains that won’t make you feel paranoid