How to Be a Functional Stoner

One of the most pervasive stigmas and prejudices that affect all users of marijuana is the notion that they are perpetually slothful, unsuccessful, and unproductive. 

Consider the numerous successful CEOs of dispensaries and head shops who also smoke marijuana openly or the large number of celebrities who do so. 

How can you continue to enjoy marijuana while remaining active and driven? We have some advice and tricks that can be useful.

If you want to use marijuana productively, you must first comprehend why you aren’t already doing so. Most people attribute it to disregarding their personal boundaries.

You must first comprehend how much smoking you can consume and still function. This drastically varies amongst individuals; whereas some (like Snoop Dogg) can constantly have a lighted joint in their palm and manage to achieve everything they want or need to, others light up and end up feeling too exhausted to do anything for the rest of the day.

Make a Plan

It’s critical to be organized whether you want to smoke in the morning or throughout the day. After smoking a joint, it’s quite easy to give up on doing anything useful, so be sure you know what you want to do before you get high. 

This also prevents you from forgetting stuff, and we all know that memory isn’t your best friend when you’re high. 

Making a to-do list is the greatest method to keep organized. It doesn’t matter if you write one with simply a few critical activities or a large one with all of your ideas; the main thing is that you know exactly what you want to do with your day. 

As a Reward, Smoke

If you simply can’t focus on your chores while high, utilize the list you made as a reward after you complete your daily goals.

That means you’ll be running at full speed all day, but you’ll also be able to relax in the evening without feeling guilty. When you use cannabis as a reward, it will become something you look forward to rather than something you take for granted.

Choose the Correct amount

Regardless of your tolerance and personal response to marijuana, smoking a big fat joint of an Indica-dominant strain in the morning will leave your couch-locked. 

If you want to be productive while smoking during the day, save your indica for the evening and smoke a Sativa-dominant strain. Choose a lighter strain with a high CBD concentration and a low THC percentage. 

Know Your Stoner Traits and Practise

If you haven’t been productive when high up until now, you need to explore and see what you can and cannot do. The idea is to figure out what things cannabis helps you do better. 

A creative endeavor, such as writing, sketching, or designing, is usually preferable to something physically hard or complicated. If you’re a seasoned stoner, you already know what you can and cannot accomplish while stoned, but if you’ve just smoked in the night till now, make sure you test yourself first before you go to work stoned.

Discover Your Stoner Hobbies

If you can’t or don’t want to accomplish your job high, you can use marijuana to develop your hobbies. 

Instead of watching another show, utilize marijuana to learn a new skill. Whether it’s art, music, programming, or learning a new language, hobbies are an excellent way to use our high time productively. Because no one will be able to see what you’re doing, you can completely relax, which usually leads to even better results.

Hobbies also teach you to keep learning and thinking when high, and getting lost in something you enjoy doing can be really inspiring. If that interest becomes a career, you’ll be able to keep performing well at your current employment!

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